flash backs

This week we’ve been having flashbacks

First it was Dad’s turn

In Victor Harbour he caught up with some old friends

Del & Freddy

They’ve all known each other since the 60’s

When Dad was a kid Β first touring Australia

As a country singer

Under the name Bryan Dennis

Del bought a wonderful old scrapbook with her

Full of some brilliant & funny pictures from that time

I took photos of her photos

Which is why these aren’t the clearest

But you get the idea

The 3 of them were laughing & reliving some great stories

I’m hoping some of them end up in Dad’s biography (that’s coming out this Christmas)

I’ve read most of the book as Dad (& Gavin) have been writing it

And if I get the family discount, I’ll totally go & buy my very own copy

Might even get it signed



Then last night when we arrived at the Modbury show

There were some people waiting at the stage door for us

Rob, Mia & Rhett

They had some stuff for me to sign

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any of these cd covers

I’m almost forgotten how to sign TJ DENNIS

‘Cause for those of you that don’t know

I, like Dad, used to be a cunt-try singer too

I’m pretty sure I signed one or two JENNY DENNIS

Sorry ’bout that guys

They were such lovely people

And had been waiting outside, in the cold, for over an hour

As we were leaving, Rob said to me, ‘you are exactly what I thought you’d be like’

And we all know that ‘you are exactly what I thought you’d be like’

Is code for fucking nut job drop dead gorgeous!


  1. Hi Jen..You just keep practicing TJ Dennis’s signature coz I have a feeling that one day your gonna surprise us all with a TJ Dennis comeback….sooner the better.. I see your in Wallaroo tonight.I have my step daughter staying with us and she’s from Wallaroo her folks own the Wallaroo hotel and Courtney’s a barmaid there. When I told her that you were playing there, her comments were ”God help her as they’re all feral that live there,says alot for her & her folks hey…lol..Enjoy the rest of your tour. take care Pat Small / Gaden xxxx

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