what a week

The first week of the tour is done

5 shows out of 27

And what a week it’s been

We started off in Mount Gambier

Then Naracoorte, Renmark, Noarlunga Downs and tonight in Murray Bridge

And while it took me a while to find my guitar before the 1st show (hence the face below)

The boys thought it would be ‘funny’ to hide it

I think they forgot that my 8 inch heeled gig shoes only have a 40 minute shelf life

Before my feet start screaming – or as Diamond puts it, ‘your dogs start barking’  (mkay?!?)

So by the time I’d done 5 laps of the backstage area, my ‘dogs were b-b-b-barking!’

But I found my guitar! and managed to limp onstage

It was a top show

And they’ve just been getting better

And as always, we’ve been loving catching up with old mates

Meeting new ones

Including this young girl who came all the way from Belgium

Who had Dad sign her flag

And this fantastic lady, who’s in her 80’s & wanted her boobs signed

But decided to keep her jumper on!!


Then there was the night Dad could NOT get his shoes on

He SWEARS it’s not because he can’t  reach them over his belly

‘It’s because they’re half a size too small’

Whatever the reason, Holly & I worked like mofos to get them on

Holly was bright red

I pulled a muscle

And Dad went on stage 5 minutes late


Oh yeah, Holly got a new tattoo too

Another DILLIGAF tatt to add to the collection

Does that mean I’m next?

But where would I put it?

Don’t answer that


Then there was Brad

The trendsetter

Who decided to use his Jenny Talia bottle opener/key ring as an earing


I think it’s pretty obvious that we’re having a ball

And that has EVERYTHING to do with all the very cool people that have been coming to the shows

I know technically, it’s a job

But it sure doesn’t feel like one

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