I’m sure you’re all aware of the awful flooding that’s hit Nashville

I lived in Nashville for 2 years before I moved to Chicago

I am seeing so many Β places I know on the news each night

But the devastation has left much of it unrecognisable

Historic, even legendary buildings

Under water

Iconic landmarks


It’s such a tragedy

And it makes me sad

Most of my friends I have spoken to there are OK

Some are still very shell shocked

But, and here’s why I love Nashvillians, they’re mostly GRATEFUL

That’s right, grateful

Grateful they’re alive

Grateful they were able to retrieve some of their most valued possessions before the water got too high

Grateful to their friends & neighbours for their help

Nashville is an amazing little city

I don’t know how long it’s going to take to put it back together again

But I don’t doubt for a minute it’ll get done

They’re pretty special people in that neck of the woods

*how can you help?*


  1. Oh gosh – read about this all from another blogger who lives there. Didn’t manage to get to Nashville during my one and only (Contiki tour) visit to the USA. Next time!!

  2. Like all the GREAT Towns of the World…It’s the PEOPLE who make them what they are. I too have some dear friends in Nashville (some mutual) and know how devastated they are to see so many precious landmarks underwater. They have banned together and yes, they will indeed get it done! To The Spirit of Nashville and it’s Citizens…Cheers! CJxxx

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