which doctor?

So I found the witch doctor I was looking for

And this wasn’t it

MY witch doctor came in the form of a 22 year old female doctor-in-training at the local medical clinic in Jabiru


I was pretty sure there was nothing she could do for me

It felt like I had a run of the mill case of laryngitis

But Dad had said once before when he had it, he was given a needle in the bum

And it made it all better

So while I’m no fan of needles, or my bum, I thought it was worth of shot (pun intended)


Samara, as I expected, confirmed that I did indeed have laryngitis

And that there was no magic ‘needle’ that would fix it

Like I needed more proof that Dad was full of shit


So rather than a jab in the bum

I left with lots of advice

Gargle aspirin

No sugar

No dairy

No alcohol

It’s like they were trying to kill me

And lots of sleep


I asked Samara if I would be able to work that night

And if it would wreck my throat for the rest of the week if I did

That’s when the resident (boss) came in and said,

Nah mate, you’ll be good for tonight’s show

You’d better be too

‘Cause we’ve got tickets


So I did as the doctor(s) ordered

I threw out all my lollies fuck

And had a bonza nap yay

And got through the gig OK take THAT laryngitis

All the staff from the medical clinic were there too


So, to show them I was following instructions

I was even a good girl and went straight back to my room after my set


And tried not to let them see I was limping as I left

It’s hard work trying to walk with a bottle of wine down your pants

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  1. 😀 A shot of Apple Cider Vinegar is a great way to follow an aspirin gargle…Tastes like shit but it works a treat! 😉 Hope you’re feeling better now, Mate! CJxxx

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