it’s a good friday

Since I’ve been home it has, as usual been full-on

And in no particular order

(I say ‘no particualr order’ ’cause I can’t remember which day any of this shit happened)

We have been to see the Easter Bunny

In our new Easter dresses that Nanna bought

And I have decided that from now on

Every piece of clothing I give them

I will say, ‘Nanna bought it’

Because there’s never once been a, I don’t like it, or that’s not my favourite colour

It’s just a simple, Nanna bought this for me? I LOVE IT!

And to celebrate Miss 4 staying clean for more than 30 minutes their new Nanna dresses

I took the girls to have their portraits done

That’s the place we’re they bust out all their supermodel poses that I have no fucking clue where they got them from

Are my kids the only ones that do this?

Make me feel better, tell me no

And then flatten the batteries on both my iPhones playing games while we wait too bloody long for the pics to be ready


And to rival their dresses from Nanna

Are the cards from Poppy

I can see where I get my astounding drawing skills from

The man’s gifted

There’s totally an art career waiting for him if he ever wants a break from the comedy

As an illustrator for blind children’s books


We’ve been to the movies to see How To Train Your Dragon

Where the picking of the candy pre-movie

Took almost as much time as the movie

The movie itself was so cute

Not too long, the kids loved it

And the big kids thought it was funny too

Not quite as funny as Diamond wearing 3D glasses, (no pic of that ’cause he’d kill me the theatre was too dark) but almost


And today, it’s egg colouring time

Which, truth be told isn’t my fave part of Easter

I think it has something to do with my house ending up smelling like a hard boiled egg FART looking like the food dye fairies just sneezed their goo all over the kitchen

And even if I put the girls in an apron or big old t-shirt

They still seem to get it all over their skin

So, this year I’m going to save the laundry

And we’re going to paint the eggs in the nude

Apologies to the neighbour’s view through our windows what the fuck are you looking in my window for anyway?

But it’s Easter for Christ’s sake

If NOW is not a good time to be naked, when in GOD’S name is it?

So yeah, this year we’re goin’ nekkid

It’s what Jesus would have wanted

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