travel tips

My new mate Bush Babe & I were talking about traveling

And all the things you can do to make it easier

Then the subject came up again today with a lady I was trying to ignore chatting to on the flight to Sydney

She said she would never be able to travel as much as I do

And she doesn’t know how I do it

So because I am in a hotel room by myself with no good movies to watch, or friends to hang out with in the interest of sharing

I give you some of my travel tips

How I roll!

~Never pack early – your disorganisation will guarantee that half of your clothes are dirty and you won’t have time to do laundry. Result –Β half empty super light suitcase

~Stay up late the night before – cramming in all the shit you’ve been meaning to do for weeks. And by staying up until stupid o’clock sewing girl scout patches on Miss 6’s uniform and ironing Miss 4’s outfit for parade day – you’ll be absolutely ROOTED for your flight and will sleep like a mofo for most of it

~Have a drink BEFORE you leave for the airport, and one in the car on the way. Only if it’s legal where you live to drink in the car, which it’s totally NOT in Illinois so I don’t even know why I brought that up *sip* Anyhoo – the drink is to relax you, mellow you out. It also has the added bonus of making you emotional when you check in and when they ask you is your trip for business or pleasure and you say business and they say are you traveling with anyone, you start sobbing, “I’m…on….my…own…*sob*…my….kids…are….*sob*….not…..coming…..*sniff*…” This will make them feel so sorry for you that they upgrade you. Yet another fabbo example of how alcohol can enrich you life

~Leave hours and HOURS before your flight is due to leave – this is a sure fire way to get you there on time. My experience has shown me that if I’m early, there are NO lines & no waiting. If I am late? The lines are out the door and I miss my flight. Murphy’s Law? Fuck you Mr Murphy

~Avoid grumpy looking airline staff at check in – there’s a dude at O’Hare airport in Chicago that I swear to God, gets his period. And he is ALWAYS working the shift when I’m flying out. He is the grumpiest mother fucker bastard ever and has NO business working with the public. Avoiding him usually saves me $100 every trip in excess baggage fees

~Paint your toenails – ’cause you WILL have to take of your shoes to go through security and other travelers WILL check out your skanky feet. Make ’em look purdy for the nosey buggers peeps

~Very IMPORTANT – pack your liquids in a clear plastic bag & your sex toys in your checked in luggage. Packing your liquids in your checked luggage Β and your sex toys in a clear plastic bag can be unbelievably embarrassing, or so I’ve been told *ahem*

~Buy your magazines & books for the flight BEFORE you get to the airport – this will save you the extra $50 in chocolate & candy that you will spend because you stood in line for 20 minutes at the airport newsagency and grabbed a snack a minute whilst in said line, ’cause you have a wine buzz and the munchies

~Bring your travel pillow. It gets expensive buying a new one every time you go away because you keep forgetting to bring it. Plus, it will give you more space in your office closet ’cause it won’t be filled with the oodles of travel pillows you keep forgetting

~Make sure your carry-on luggage has wheels for fucks sake No wheels = bad back. Bad back = Dr visit. Dr visit = prescription for pain meds. Pain meds = wait…pain meds = awesomeness, so scratch all that. Yeah, totally take the wheels OFF your hand luggage

~Check in online if you’re able to. This means you usually get to pick your seat in advance. So you check out where all the empty rows are, and pick your seat smack, bang in the middle of no one and pray that an under 12’s boys soccer team doesn’t make a last minute booking

~Order a special meal. Vegetarian, diabetic, whatever the choices are. Believe me, ALL plane food tastes pretty much the same. But with a special meal, you get your food before the other passengers which allows you to gloat even if you ARE surrounded by a pre-pubescent soccer squad

~Sleeping tablet. Take it with your meal, so that by the time everyone else is served their food, your already snoring your box off and dribbling on your travel pillow that you didn’t forget. Don’t take sleeping tablet unless the flight’s at LEAST 8 hours long. It’s not a lot of fun being shaken awake by the airport police after a short trip to Nashville. I don’t think laying down for a nap and your skirt riding up and showing the soccer team your best travel knickers counts for indecent exposure anyway. Those southern cops are rough man



Now, these are just the BEGINNING of what I think you need to know if your flying & traveling
And of course there’s the little incidental things like drink plenty of water, don’t forget you passport, blah, blah, blah
I’ll do another post once I’m over the jetlag
About how to avoid jetlag
I probably don’t need to mention that if you’re traveling with children, all of the above is null & void
A lot of people will tell you that it’s OK to give your kids a mild sedative, like cough syrup or something, to settle them, help them sleep for the journey
I’m not a fan of that myself
I think if you plan ahead, take lots of little toys, books & games for them – it can actually be fun traveling with your kids
And if that fails
Take the sedative yourself and let the fucking flight attendant deal with ’em.
See you on the other side!
I mean, on the other side of the world, when I get there
You know, not the OTHER SIDE, other side
Unless of course my plane crashes in the ocean and I die
In that case I’ll just meet you guys in hell as previously arranged


  1. I prefer my flights strapped to a gerney with a drip of potent, knock-you-on-your-arse sedatives that wear off when you hear the voice of a loved one saying, “Are you awake? You’ve been out for 2 days and I thought you should eat something. Here’s a feast and a nice red…enjoy”.

    THAT is my preferred way of travelling…I will let you know how great it is if it ever happens…on a non Medi-flight.

    In the meantime, I just pray my arse fits in the seat, I have my dramamine ready, a barf bag and a doctor on board when my claustophobia sets in as I near the so called “toilet”.

    Yeah…I’m that person you pray you don’t have to sit next to, especially now that they don’t allow weapons on board.

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