so far…

One week into the Queensland tour

And I gotta say, this would have to be the best one so far

And I’m not just saying that because I can’t remember the last tour thru the drunken haze

We’ve been getting some mad crowds to the shows

And of course in this part of the world we have *rellies & mates coming out the wazoo

As far as tours go, this actually a short one

And because we’re not getting to some or our favourite parts of Queensland this time ’round

We’re working on coming back in September for another few weeks

You bloody beauty I say

If you’ve been seeing some of the tour pics on facebook or twitter

It’s pretty easy to spot the ones with family in them

‘Cause there aren’t too many photos taken of Dad & I with other people

Where we are taller

I mean, I’m five foot fuck all

And Dad’s maybe five foot six in mum’s high heels

So, you can add that to the list of reasons why it’s great to catch up with the fam

No longer am I a midget

I’m finally taller than people that aren’t my children

Oh happy days



* Oz speak for relatives

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