the language of love

Had lunch today with Mum & Dad

Managed to combine my 2 favourite things


And people watching

Oh, and my other favourite thing


I love, LOVE being a part of people’s conversations when I’m totally not invited

And I’m pretty good at it too

Diamond calls me bionic ears

I can here a conversation 10 tables away

So he doesn’t understand why I can’t hear him half of the time


So anyway, there’s an Asian couple sitting at the next table

Holding hands

Feeding eachother

Talking quietly

But then he must have told her something that changed the tone of the conversation

I have no idea what it was

‘Cause I can’t speak Chin/Japan/Vietnam – ESE

But she was pissed

Like her face got red

And he starts trying to calm her down

He’s talking a mile a minute

And she starts crying and yelling

And the whole thing was..

Umm… what’s that word again?


I’m not sure what that says about me, & I’m not really concerned about it

I just can’t help but find that kind of public display entertaining

And if you don’t want me to stare and listen

How about going somewhere private, huh?

In my mind I’d decided that their bust up had nothing to do with their cold coffee

And everything to do with the fact that he’d accidentally put his penis where it didn’t belong and though it would be a good idea to SHARE that fact with her

Nice work dickwad!


I was just getting out my phone so I could post their picture on facebook

When the girl totally ruined my shot and got up and walked out

She yelled something at him and took off

And I’m like, what?

That’s IT?

I didn’t even get one photo


But I’m pretty sure I DID learn the oriental word for CUNT

Altogether now…


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