while mummy’s away

Diamond is in charge

And don’t the girls love it?

Movie night every night


Daily visits to the park

I don’t know where he gets his energy

But they don’t stop when I’m away

He runs them ragged

Whereas with me

They run me ragged

It’s almost like as he gets older, he gets younger

How’s that for unfair?

So anyhoo

This morning when I spoke to them via Skype

Diamond said that the girls were having their quiet time

And I’m like, quiet time?

I thought that was only something that I enforced happened when I was home

So I’m expecting them to be locked in the closet or something like I do

And he says, I’ll send you through some pictures

Here I am thinking he didn’t even know how to turn the computer on

All that time spent on internet porn has obviously improved his computer skills

Go Diamond

So he sent me through some photos from the last few days

And I checked them out and called him back

What are they doing on the computers?

He said, they’re being like Mummy

Like me?

Yep, they told me they’re BLOGGING!

They want to be just like you

Oh sweet Jesus

Hurry up and take their guitars off them


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