make the most of it

Hillary Duff just got engaged

For those of you who don’t give a shit aren’t familiar with her

She’s a former Disney star and now an actress / singer

Don’t get me wrong, I barely even know who she is

And I’d never even heard of her fiance

His name isΒ Mike Comrie

And he’s a professional hockey player

So, anyway – they’re on vacation in Hawaii

And he proposes

All together now, aaawwwwww!

The paparazzi were there to capture the intimate, some might even say, PRIVATE, moment

You kinda feel bad for them that such a special time was somewhat invaded by the media

But, no harm, no foul I guess

The happy couple didn’t notice the cameras

It didn’t ruin their happy moment

The proposal went off without a hitch

And so did the thank you

You know, the bit after the girl says yes?

Yeah, that bit

Where she says a big ol’ THANK YOU

And gives him one of the last blow jobs the poor bastard will ever receive

Welcome to married life dude!

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