here or there

I know I talk a lot about the snow

I love it

I think I’m always going to love it

No matter how long I’m in Chicago

I don’t know how to not sound cheesy when I say this

But it’s just beautiful

It makes everything that would otherwise look dead and lifeless

Look stunning

But enough about the snow


Look where I’m headed next week suckers!

So, while I love the snow blah, blah, blah-dy, blah

I’m more than happy for a bit of a change up

And the QUEENSLAND TOUR is going to provide the polar opposite weather to what we’re having here right now

But I think I can handle it

Even though home is where the heart is

I’ll be where it’s warm

While the kids are back here

Probably making snow angels if this weather continues

And I’ll miss them like I always do

And I might even miss Diamond a bit too

My own ‘special’ snow angel



(Diamond’s ACTUAL butt not used in this post – but I think they just might be his boots)


  1. I can’t decide which show to come to and where to sit but if the snow shoveller is coming with you, can I be next to him?

  2. I LOVE everything about snow but the slick roads that come with it! The pic is BEAUTIFUL and makes me miss it…going TO the snow is VERY different than living it!

    Travel Safe and have a GREAT TOUR!!!
    *insert “Eyes Without A Face” Music HERE*
    I’ll be thinking of you as I have my face removed…OH WHY NOT MY ASS????

    One of these days…BIG SQUEEZE, Bud!

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