merry christmas

Busy weekend here in crazy land

Nanna’s here

I’m tying to pack to go away

Went to see Annie, the musical today which was kinda average

And we had the girls Christened yesterday

I won’t be a smart arse about it

‘Cause maybe Miss 6 will see this someday

And I would hate to be caught taking the piss out of what she called,

The best day of my life

Miss 4 enjoyed it too

“I know why it’s called a Christening”, she said

“‘Cause I get lots of presents like when it’s Christmas”

“It’s like a Christening-mass”

She’s kinda right I guess

They looked like little princesses

With their cute dresses and curly hair

Although Miss 4 was a little pisssed at the priest when he put water on her hair during the ceremony

“I’m mad at him – he wecked my pwetty hair-do!”

And Miss 6 said, ‘You can’t be mad at him, he works for God”

And little miss last word Miss 4 said,

“Well I’m going to pray extra hard tonight

That God fires him”



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