ignorance is (not) bliss

I’ve stayed away from commenting or blogging about the crisis in Haiti

For a couple of reasons

Biggest reason?

As a mum, it’s breaking my heart

And I don’t know if it makes me a bad person

But I can’t watch the news coverage anymore

You donate what you can

And what else do you do?

I’m not a doctor, or a nurse

I can’t go over there and help in anyway

So, watching the non-stop story unfolding makes me feel helpless

And I don’t want to cry every time I see another child dying, or in pain


But I’ve been reading about a French politician (click here to read the story)

Who has been mouthing off running around bitching about the US troops and aid workers in Haiti

That the US has just come over to ‘occupy’ the country for it’s own benifit


Listen, you Froggy Fucktard

Geographically, common sense dictates that the US would be the first to arrive

They have the experience, the manpower, the money

Not to mention the ‘give a shit’ factor to get the job done

How about you take your ignorant arsehole-ish thoughts and ask the Haitian people what THEY think?

The ones whose lives have been saved

Seriously, fuck off back to France

And let the rest of the world do their job

theΒ RED CROSS website

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  1. Tommy Emmanuel has a very special auction of 3 of his favorite and much loved guitars happening on ebay to raise much needed funds for Haiti…Check it out!

    My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti and those who give their hearts and time to aid them!

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