search and destroy

My brother is pretty good at most things he does

He’s a qualified electrician

Amazing guitarist

Fantastic producer

And he also has super sperm

I give you


And Destroy

These Β little guys were the reason I nearly didn’t move to America 10 years ago

I made the move

But they made it really hard to leave

I bought them cool little boots from Nashville

And made sure I put these photos in

Just in case they were tempted to go online and show their mates their Aunty’s site

I figured these photos would put a stop to that

I love ’em

I miss ’em

And I can’t believe they’re 11 today

Happy birthday Search & Destroy!


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  1. January is a BUSY month for Birthdays in your family! Nice pics…bet they’d be REAL IMPRESSED to know you’re honouring their Birthday with them…ahem… πŸ˜‰

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