snowed in

Well, we’re not really

But some people are spazzing out like we are

Everyone I see says something like

Oooooh, I can’t believe how cold it is

And I’m thinking, well I can

Like, it’s WINTER



And I dunno, maybe it’s the PMS

But it’s shitting me to tears

Yuk, this snow is so horrible, I can’t stand it

Yeah, well I can’t stand your bitching

I bet your the same people that get all cry-baby in summer too

Oooh, it’s too HOT, I can’t stand it

How about you just shut the fuck up?

Man, how much of a crabby mole do I sound like today?

Can’t say I give a fuck really

‘Cause so far, I’m totally enjoying my bitchy-rant

I forgive you if you need to close your browser window and go to a more happy-happy-sucky-feel-good site

Like THIS crap



‘Cause there’s winter

And then there’s fucking WINTER

Where you’re up to your arse in it

Surrounded by snow

Pounded by snow

Buried in it

And I like that I’m not the only weirdo out there

That there’s other people who love the shit out of it too

And for everyone else?

The End.

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  1. Ha, ha. I know exactly what you mean, we get it every day here – “It’s soooo hot” etc, etc. Well this is Queensland in the middle of summer so it’s stinking hot and humid, same as every other year. Get a fucking air conditioner or go to the shopping centre like the millions of other people, or move somewhere else (please) but just STOP WHINING!!!!!! Love the little fairy, that would make a great T shirt. xx

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