tattoos for tots

So I was reading

I do that very rarely sometimes

And I found a story about some parents

Who tattooed their kids

The kids are 17, 15, 12, 11, 11, 10 and 7

They didn’t tattoo the 7 year old

‘Cause they thought he was too young

What – the 10 year old was old enough?

I mean, fuck me dead!


Some people should just be castrated at birth

Oh, and you won’t be surprised at all to know that I read this article in a paper from Chattanooga!

For those of you not in the US – Chattanooga is in the south

*cue music from Deliverance*

No offence intended to my Southern buddies, but why do all the 3 headed-I slept with my sister-2 year old caught driving stolen pickup-tattooing your own kids stories come from there?

Kinda like the Tasmanian stories from Australia

Which, for all the Tasmanian readers, are totally untrue by the way

*ahem*  yes, I am touring there later this year


Back to the dumb-arse mofos in Chattanooga

You people make my brain cell challenged,12 month old DOG look like a fucking genius!

And while it was good to know the kids were taken away (YAY!)

They gave them BACK to the parents (fuckery isn’t it?)

Score one for the fucktards in the south!

And the quote of the year goes to the brain damaged sperm donor Dad

If I’m such a bad parent, then how come they brought the kids back right after I got out jail?

Why didn’t they just drop the kids off to him while he was IN JAIL?

‘Cause you KNOW that’s where those kids are going to end up anyway

Tattooing your minor children

Some people defy logic don’t they?


Except for that lady that I saw on Oprah who had quadriplets

She tattooed a dot on each of their toes so she could tell the difference

At least that makes sense

I’d totally do that

On Fluffy & Diamond

I’m always getting them mixed up


‘Cause they both smell like shit like to jump me when I’m not looking


  1. Hi hun
    Exsactly castration a birth would be too good!!

    Mind you I can think of some people that if they’d had bastard tattooed on their arse you may have had the warning earlier! LOL

    Seriously though- really gross

    Hope you haven’t got Miss 4 and Miss 6 tatted on their arses!!

    Love Suzi xxx

  2. BLOODY HELL!!! I couldn’t even cope with the 2 seconds it took to have my kids inoculated and that didn’t scar them for life! What a bunch of WANKERS! I think they should get “CHILD ABUSER” tattooed across their face…with a jackhammer!

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