once upon a time

Once upon a time

In a land far, far away

OK, so technically it wasn’t THAT far away

More like up the road really

About a 20 minute drive from here

Oh wait, am I fucking up the story?

Sorry guys



A long time ago

Well, not THAT long ago really

There lived a little boy

Who grew up to be a bit of a spunk

A big spunk actually (he may be reading this)

He liked girls and football

And girls and football

Then came beer

And girls and football

You get the idea


I’ve never been really good at telling stories

So I’ll just go straight to the best bit

One night, he was falling down drunk having fun with his friends

When he spotted a beautiful princess across a crowded room

She was from a land far away


So you probably know where this is heading right?

OK then, I’ll make it quick

The Princess was totally hot

He married her

They had 2 gorgeous little girls

And bought a big white horse dog

And lived happily ever after

The End




Fairytales DO come true


Happy Birthday to my prince Diamond!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Diamond…December BD’s ROCK! Hope you have a good one with your 3 little Princesses & White Steed!

    FYI: There is an ad for Oz Cruises next to this comment box for the DIAMOND PRINCESS…No shit!!! There’s your sign…Destiny!

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