from James’ mum

The bullies were there making his life hell
calling him names and saying he had a bad smell
they kicked and punched his body and face
getting home from school was a race
I held him close as he cried in my arms
I tried to comfort him and keep him calm
I told him I love him, I’d keep him safe
I wiped the tears from his face
My little boy begging “please don’t send me back school”
“Mummy they’ll hit me, they keep hurting me mummy,I can’t cope with it all”
I wish i could have taken away his pain,
just to see him smile again!
He wrote an email, I didn’t know.
Then a few days later said “ok back I go”
I checked his computer while he was gone
I found an email we will remember all our lives long.
This emailed had given him the strength to fight
He faced them bullies with his might
No fists for him no kicks to hurt
My darling boy used his words
He told them all, just how he felt.
That it was their rotten attitudes that smelt.
He made them see he wasn’t so shy
That night he came home and boy did he cry
He cried with relief when I said they were through
I had found him a school, he could start fresh and new.
My baby is now smiling as he goes out the door
He comes home smiling…
Could a mum wish for more?

Thanks Jenny, you will never understand what you did for us!

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