generation gap

I’m a fan of facebook

I use it a lot

I even wrote a song about it on my new album


I’ve been meeting so many of my facebook friends for the first time on this trip

It’s been huge fun

And let me tell you, almost NONE of them have looked like their profile pictures

Why is that?

I don’t know, but so far, I haven’t recognised ONE person from their profile pic

I met one of my facebook friends a few weeks ago at a gig


She’s a bit mad – so we got on great!

She emailed me later to say she wanted to get a copy of my new cd

And had tried to get tickets to other shows on the tour, so she could pick up a copy

But the shows were sold out

So she drove to tonight’s show in Basildon

Which is nowhere NEAR where she lives

Which was also sold out

JUST to get the new album

I thought that was pretty cool

You know what else was cool

She bought her Nan, Pam

(she’s the one on the left)

Even cooler than meeting Pam?

Was getting to meet Brooklynn

Leanne’s 8 year old daughter

What a great kid


Don’t worry, she didn’t go to the show

She just hung out in the foyer area with her Mum & Great Grandma, to get her poster signed

She doesn’t listen to ALL of my songs

Just the ones that I don’t swear too much in, apparently

I have some like that???


Thought it was kinda cool

To meet 3 generations of fun ladies

And it reminded me of my Nanna

And this pic from when I was still wearing maternity clothes Miss 6 was a baby

And if my Nanna was into the internet

And had a computer

She would TOTALLY read this blog

She’s my biggest fan

And yeah, she still thinks I sing country music

White lie, OK?

And if she did read this, this is the bit where I’d say

Love you Nan

Miss you lots too

See you soon x

And that’s where I’m going to leave it at today

Going to keep this one clean

Because I know Brooklynn is going to read it


And I’ve got 2 kids of my own to corrupt and ruin!


  1. Actions are stronger than words…Your heart overloads your tongue always! There’s so much more to you than meets the …ear…? Jxxx

  2. This is great, this is my nan, sister and niece. Brooklynn rang me after to let me know who she had just met… she was over the moon!
    Facebook song is soooo funny :o)

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