back in the saddle

It’s been a great first week back at work

The shows have just been getting better

I know I say that a lot

But I’m telling you, the crowds are getting bigger and louder!

We have a day off today

And am going to use the time to get a new video blog done


‘Cause I’ve been having shitloads of trouble with my new software for my mac

Luckily, there’s a Mac store close to us today

Woo hoo!

So while it’s sucked arse the last few days, trying to get my computer working

At least I have a reason to go shopping to the Apple / Mac store!

So we’re in the car, on our way to Basildon

And it’s cold

I mean, I’ve been colder before

But I’m feeling it this morning

In my toes, my nose

And my bum

My seat is C-O-L-D!

As Diamond likes to say, this is the kind of weather that makes you realise men have nipples too!


And then of course there’s Dad and Holly in the front seat

Bragging ad giggling about how THEIR seats have ‘seat warmers’

Oooh, woop-di-doo bastards!

We can beat that

Can’t we Mum?

We’re stopping for brekky in a minute

Let’s have baked beans

A double helping of baked beans


Then let’s see who has the warmest seats

Oh, and what a SHAME

It’s far too cold to wind down the windows


This is going to be a smelly as shit FUN DRIVE today!

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