how’s my driving?

Have you seen those stickers on the back of cars?

The ones that say, “HOW’S MY DRIVING?”

And then there’s a phone number underneath for you to call

Presumably to drop the driver in the shit with his boss, for driving like an arsehole a learner

You know the ones?

Yeah, well we need one


For Hollywood

He does all the driving while we’re out on tour

He’s been out here for over 2 months now and it’s starting to get dangerous show

You know how parking bays have the lines that you park in between?

Yeah, well Holly has this new thing he does, where he likes to park ON THEM

It’s starting to become quite the regular occurance

I thought when people got older, they started to drive like my mum & dad do MISS DAISY

You know, s-l-o-w-e-r?

Not Holly

He’s a regular Speedy Gonzales

Just zips into those parking spots, cracks it into PARK

And he’s done


A friend sent me some photos (thanks Ang)

That I think may prove that Hollywood was a truck driver in a previous life

I mean, check this out

This has his name ALL OVER IT

No wonder we only let him drive a minivan these days

But you know what they say; no matter how much you suck bad you are at something

There’s always someone worse at it

So I thought I’d put these pics in to make Holly feel a little less fucktard-ish not so bad


But then today, HOLLYWOOD lost the fucking plot outdid himself

We couldn’t find Dad

WTF right?


But wait, then we DID find Dad

Oh Holly

Way to wipe out the BOSS, dude


The plus side?

If Dad’s really fucked up incapacitated for a while

We get to park in the ‘disabled’ bay