the family that plays together

Diamond and I don’t agree on a lot of things

TV, food, the definition of clean (he’s very fussy – I, surprise, surprise, am NOT) camping, mornings

But for all the things we differ on, we’re on the same page for the big stuff


We agree on most things about the kids

And we agree that family comes first, second and third

So when people ask what it’s like to work and spend so much time with my family

Diamond understands

He works with his Dad too

They’ve been in construction together for years

And their latest project is my favourite

New front doors

For me of course

Like duh, who else was this going to be about?

And let me tell you, we NEEDED new front doors

Our old ones, well, I can’t even describe them

I’m not even going to put in a picture of them, they sucked so bad

I think they were designed by the Brady Bunch

On acid


I’ve watched Diamond and his Dad work together over the last few days

And they yell at eachother

They give eachother shit

They get mad at eachother

They laugh a lot

And at the end of the day, they get the job done

So now it’s my turn

Off to the airport soon, to head off for my second half of the tour

Dad and Mum have worked right through, while I was home for this 3 weeks

And I KNOW they missed me

I mean, they didn’t actually say it – but I can tell these things

I’m intuitive like that, I can feel it

Or maybe I just need to fart

So when I work with my family, we may not make something tangible, like a house, or front doors

But we do get to create a good time, for us, and hopefully the people that come to the shows

Very deep and profound for a Monday hey?


Yeah, bunch of crap really

I really just wanted to tell you I got new front doors

With no handles

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  1. How can I appreciate my single Orangutan-Arse Red Door with sidelights AFTER THIS???? Christmas List…A door to Rival the filthy smartarse in Chicago’s Partridge Family Door…

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