someone I know

Someone I know loves chocolate

She loves her friends

Her family

And is fiercely loyal

She’s a really fast runner

Loves eating fresh bread, with jam and whipped cream on it

She has the most contagious laugh in the world

She’s a chick flick junky, the crappier the better

She knows the words to every Cliff Richard song

And does a mean hucklebuck

She been married nearly 40 years

Has no trouble typing with her ‘talon like’ finger nails

Will cry if you cry

Has more patience than I could ever dream of having

And those she loves, know it every day

As a wife, she’s irreplaceable

She treats her friends like sisters, and her sisters like friends

As a daughter, she’s completely devoted

And as a mother, she’s what I aspire to be

As a nanna? In the words of Miss 6, she’s the bestest in the universe!

And today,

Someone I know is having a birthday

61 never looked so good

Love you Mum x


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