kick him out

So there’s a ‘Muslim Cleric’ guy in Australia who’s been writing letters to Australian families who have lost a love one in Afghanistan

Parents who have lost sons

Young widows who’ve lost husbands

His letters accused some of the dead Australian soldiers of being “criminals”, “killers” and “murderers” fighting a war of invasion

His name is Sheik Haron, and he’s a complete fucking nutjob

So, explain this to me,

An immigrant to Australia, can send antiwar letters to grieving Australian families

He can have a website promoting his hatred

With a section even entitled, “Come on, let’s happily suicide together!”

And another, “We are proud to be called TERRORISTS”

This is the same guy who told his ‘followers’ it was permissible to hit their wives and force them to have sex.

Then there’s his writings about the worst bushfires in Australian history, when 173 people were killed last year,

Australians deserve to be burned in the fire of hell, the fire of Bush is nothing!

And he’s allowed to STAY in the country?

This is the kind of immigration Australia is OK with?

C’mon, how many Australians want this guy as their neighbour?

Patriotic Australians

Because someone like this utter fucktard will never be patriotic to our country

He will never love Australia or it’s way of life

He’s hate-filled lunatic, that spouts his poisonous crap, under the guise of religion

The only thing he’ll ever worship is his God

And that’s fine

But if your way of life, and your God is so good mate

Why don’t you strap a bomb to yourself and go the fuck home!


  1. The bit i don’t get about all of these blokes all over Oz and Europe, is that they leave their native lands, not to explore or discover to to spread fucking hate & why is it they come to our countries then just go on about how were all livin in sin etc etc………..they knew all about us before travelling, so why come in the first place???
    the majority of our countries were founded with most of us having Christian backgrounds. if you want to live under islamic law, your welcome to…………back under the rock you crawled out from.

  2. What BULLSHIT! A friend of mine was actually rejected immigration to Oz because he had a drug conviction (a single joint in his ashtray) when he was 19…I almost got deported for NOT having my passport up-to-date (as a resident of Australia). Go figure…

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