miss 6

Yesterday we had a great day

We love birthdays in our house

And this weekend is Miss 5’s turn

A little party with her friends

She had a ball

They had glitter makeup put on

Glitter nail polish painted

It was a big ball of glittery, glossy, princessy GIRLY-NESS!

The perfect way to celebrate turning six

Then home for more cake and fun with family

Then even MORE presents to open this morning

As today is her actual birthday


Bye bye Miss 5


And hello Miss 6

This house has no babies in it anymore


Hmmm… how can we fix that?





  1. Such fun! I’ve been looking for someone who loves birthdays so I can donate a few of mine to them, so I’m sending my next ten birthdays to your house, do whatever you like with them, I don’t need them. xx

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