busy, busy

As expected, things have been pretty full on since I got home

And I’m loving it

Which was also expected!

This week has seen us at go to the farm on a school field trip

The girls loved it

I spent most of the time taking photos with one hand

While holding my nose to block out the God awful stench with the other hand

And then this dude the tour guide says

we have some really beautiful baby rabbits

that have NO HOME

they’re really sad

you should ask your mum and daddy if you can take one home

then they would be so happy

And I’m all like, thanks for THAT mate – way to make mummy look like even more of an arsehole when she says no

So I told the girls that they were the kind of bunnies that you use in rabbit stew

And if we took them home we had to eat them

Turns out they didn’t want one anymore



Don’t look at me like that. You handle your problems YOUR way and I’ll fuck up my kids for life handle mine MY way

Anyhoooo, off to the pumkin patch

Just the mini one

We go to the BIG pumpkin patch closer to Halloween

I think it was the day before Halloween last year

Last minute I know, but at least the place was empty!

We didn’t stay at the mini one long

Just long enough for Miss 4 to show us her obsessive compulsive tendencies



Then of course we had the Fluffster big birthday

Where we made a cake

Which turned out a bit dodgy looking

It WAS made out of rice cakes and carrots after all

But Fluff loved it

Love, love, LOVED it

Inhaled it even



But it hasn’t all been fun and games

Miss 4 being Miss 4, had to go for her 4 year old check up

Yep – the one that comes with the shots

I didn’t tell beforehand

Because I’m a woos and she would never have gotten in the car

I started to feel guilty as she sat so patiently waiting

And was saying how excited she was to be there

And how much she ‘WUVVED’ her doctor

Well as you know with kids and vaccinations…

That shit didn’t last long

She cried I cried and it was horrible

She stormed out of there


And FUCK YOU MUMMY for taking me to the FUCKING DOCTOR

OK, so she didn’t actually SAY those things

But you could tell that’s TOALLY what she WOULD say



If she were talking to me

Which apparently she isn’t

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  1. The BIG Guy saved me when the “can we have a rabbit? thing” came up…He did his Elmer Fudd impersonation as he packed the guns in the car to go cull pigs…My boys got a sticker that day for saving a rabbit by NOT getting one!

    Oh, the joys of parenthood! I still can’t stand the thought of my boys getting needles and they drive themselves in now…Thank God! I don’t have to watch anymore!!!

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