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We arrived in Hastings yesterday for our show here last night

Hastings, like so many other places in the UK has a pretty colourful history

It’s a town on the coast of East Sussex

Hastings is probably best known as the site of the historical BATTLE OF HASTINGS, which took place inΒ October 1066
Here’s the White Rock Theatre, where we played
It has a seating capacity of 1066

My favourite part about Hastings is always the show

And last night was no exception

Saw some great tshirts

“I only drink on days starting with ‘T’. Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow, Thaturday & Thunday”

Graham’s homemade shirt, “Jenny Talia added me on facebook so I changed my name to Mohammed Arkmahr Lickmahase (a song from Dad’s new cd)

And my favourite, worn here by Gemma, who also had the facebook look going on

Yep, there’s one at every show

And I got pressies too

Perfume ’cause someone obviously thinks I smell like shit and flowers

The other night someone gave me a big box of chocolates

Which I didn’t even eat

I just sniffed them to inhale the aroma – ’til mum took them off me

And then I got this

So now it’s official


Although Dad, Mum & Hollywood were given one too

But I’m sure that was just so they didn’t feel inferior in the presence of my legend-ness left out

I’m pretty sure theirs are just knock offs

I won’t tell them that their ones are fakes, and that I am really the only TRUE fucking legend

But I can’t stop you, so feel free to let them know if you want to


  1. hey Jenny, im the guy wearing the facebook shirt!!

    Thank you for the blog space – so awesome

    my name is Graham though
    i’m also the 1 U dedicated the Facebook song to last night!!

    Great night and certificate is awesome on ur blog 2!!!

    cant wait 2 c u live again!!!!

    Graham xx

  2. Hey Jenny – what a brilliant show on Friday and was great to meet you…please keep building that retirement fund for your dad so you come back to Hastings next time round πŸ™‚

    Also, perhaps let your mum know we’re not all like the pair of pisshead girlies brawling on the street outside during the interval – she looked a bit shocked! Unfortunately, that’s what the Special Brew diet does to the teenyboppers. Think they escaped from the aptly named piss-alley down the road…little buggers…

    Anyway, much love – hope to see you next time round xx mwah xx

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