Written by JENNY TALIA


3 dumb brothers

Out shopping for pets

First brother says

“You know what I’m gonna get?”

I’ll have that green budgie

So put him in a cage

Here’s your 10 bucks

I’ll be on my way

Second brother says

“I want a bird too

But I don’t want a budgie

I’d like a cockatoo

‘Cause parrots are me favourites

They can talk and sing

So put me parrot in a cage

And I’ll pay you for him

Third brother says

My turn then

You know what?
I think I’ll take that hen

And I’ll never have to pay for eggs again

Have you got another cage

That I can put him in?

On their way home

They stopped for a drink

With the budgie and the parrot

And the hen at their feet

They were drunk when they left

Totally pissed

With a plan to meet tomorrow

With their birds at the cliff

Next day at the cliff

Followed the trail to the top

Stood at the edge

Looked down at the drop

Opened the cages

Took out their birds

The brother with the budgie said

“I’ll go first”

Said the brother with the parrot

That looks like fun

I’m gonna make it interesting

I’m gonna take me gun

The brother with the hen said,”Wait for me”

We’ll jump with our birds

On the count of three

Over they went

As they dropped straight down

The brother with the parrot

Fired off a few rounds

Followed by the brother who was clutching the hen

Splat, splat, splat

All three of them

When they finally came to

And picked themselves up

Covered in beaks and feathers and guts

Dust themselves down

Checked for broken bones

Looked at eachother and said

“How’d ya go?”

First brother said,

Budgie jumping’s rough

And the second one said,

Parrot shooting sucks

And the brother with the hen

Was the last to get up

Looked at his brothers and said,

“Yeah, well hen gliding’s fucked

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