one more sleep

Until Miss 5 starts kindergarden tomorrow

I will not cry

I WILL not cry

I will NOT cry

Doesn’t matter how I put it – I know I’m going to probably blubber

Why is that?

She’s excited

I’m excited for her

But even thinking about saying goodbye to her tomorrow morning is making me drink more weepy

Every mum I’ve spoken to says the same thing

Her new teacher had asked all the parents to write a short letter about their child

About their likes & dislikes

A little hint into their personalities I guess

Mine was actually very civil & well written. I didn’t even swear

No shit!

I told her how Miss 5 loves to colour and do craft projects.

How she loves to read and do science experiments

That she gets giddy at the thought of learning new rules and meeting new friends

And most importantly, how she’s my big girl now and I know you’re going to love her

Really, the whole thing could have been so much shorter

When all I really wanted to write was

You know what bitch?

She’s my baby

Fuck with her and I’ll hunt you down

Oh yeah..

And have a nice day!

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