born free..

Sing it with me..

Boooorn free – as free as the wiiiind blooows..

La la la – or whatever the fuck comes next

We went and caught up with some friends on the weekend and got to watch their eldest daughter have her horse riding lesson

And since then have heard nothing else from Miss 3 & Miss 5 but

Mummy, can weeee ride horses?

Mummy, are weeee big enough to ride horses??

Pleeeease Mummeeeeeey!

So of course, me being prepared to do anything to have some quiet a complete soft cock

I rang the stables to see if the girls could go horse riding

Totally hoping expecting them to say no

I thought the girls would be too small

I was wrong how unusual

So that’s where we went today – to the stable – so the girls could ride a horse

And didn’t that place just stink like horse shit?

Yeah, whatever, I know it’s supposed to. But seriously, that smell comes up and whacks you in the face like a shovel as soon as you get out of the car

Like totally even worse that Dad’s farts

In a lift

Yep – it was that bad


The girls were up at stupid o’clock this morning – they were so excited

And Miss 5 showed balls of steel no fear and was on the horse as soon as we got there

Her horse’s name was Bonnie

They fell in love with each other big time

While Miss 3 waited patiently for her turn

And got bitten on the finger by a horse named Claire

Let’s just add this to the scar from the dog bit on her face she got last month shall we?

Her horse pony was called Benji

And she was shit scared terrified of him

For about 2 minutes

So it turned out to be a fantastic day

But, kids being the relentless mother fuckers persistent like they are

They wanted more

They wanted to take Benji & Bonnie home

Back to Chicago with us

Pleeeeeease Mummeeeeeey!


My girls learnt a new word today




  1. You may have to get accustomed to THAT smell now…THAT being the reason pictures of horses are as close as I get to one!

  2. It’s a slippery slope..I took my daughter for A riding lesson on her 6th birthday.. 4 months later she had her own pony..she’s now 9 still has the same pony but is outgrowing we’re looking for the next one…
    Oh and you get used to the smell..LOL..

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