trust me

After every show I come out to say hi

And if I’m REALLY lucky, I get to sign stuff

CDs normally

But on a full moon special nights I get the bellies

And the bald heads

I know, how lucky am I?

The blokes always have a great sense of humour about whatever shit I give them I write

It’s all part of the fun

Tonight we’re playing in Hexham

I’ve always loved playing here

Great crowd every time

Tonight was no exception

I love signing

I especially love it when they let me sign the BACK of their shirts

That way, they have no idea what I write

That makes me happy


Meet Dave

He was a silly fucker brave enough to let me sign the BACK of his shirt


And then one of his mates told him what it said

I love my job!

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  1. Home of the “Hexham Gray”…Obviously the “Gray” is not really a mozzie…must be “Hexham Dave” the guy who “Takes it up the arse”! “You’re so naughty, Muriel…”

    I LOVE your job too…keeps me laughing!

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