greener grass

Just got off the phone with one of my best mates that I haven’t spoken to in a while

The usual catch up

Kids, work, husbands, blah blah

She had a bit of a rant about how much of an arsehole her husband is

He’s lazy, she does all the work

He’s inconsiderate

She reckons her life would be way easier without him

So this blog is for her

Because, as I always like to think

Rather you than me

Someone – somewhere – will always be worse off than you are

So quit your fucking bitching

You could be married to this guy

Or this champ

I’d totally fight you for this winner

But at least you know the pecking or if this dick guy was your other half

So I say today…

We suck it up bitches


Unless you happen to be one of the unlucky fuckers ladies in these pictures

In which case I’d be totally looking for a shit hot divorce lawyer

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  1. I would drown the whale, reem Parasol Pete with the bottles & open umbrella, really give the other guy some Bush and ride a spoke up the pedalfeelya’s ass…and let them all get fucked by a shit hot divorce lawyer!

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