escape from…

So there was a bit of a road block getting into town today

Apparently some prisoners had escaped from the local jail


So Mum and Dad just stopped by my room

I didn’t hear them knocking ’cause I’ve been asleep since 8:30pm I was cranking the music sooo loud

They wanted to remind me to keep the door locked ’cause I’m like, TWELVE!

I’m sooooo glad they did though

‘Cause I’m forever leaving my hotel doors open, hoping for some wacked out, on the lamb crims to stop by

Now if they looked like George Clooney when he was hot as a mofo in that movie that I can’t remember the name of an escaped prisoner

Then the deadbolt might ‘accidentally’ get left unlocked, you know?

But the chances of THAT being the case are absolutely fuck all pretty slim


What’s the bet that THIS is the standard of convict specimen currently running around these parts?

Along with his brother

And don’t forget their cousin Earl



The deadbolt is soooo staying ON dudes

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  1. The Movie: “O Brother, Where Art Thou” George has been chasing me for years…still waiting for him to catch me!

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