video of the weak

I understand that comedy is subjective

Just like music, there’s lots of different types of comedy

And what makes me laugh, may not make you laugh etc

There’s a popular comedy show here in Australia called The Chaser\’s War On Everything

It’s a ‘shock’ based type of humour

They are in the shit big time hot water over here over a skit they just did

Even the Prime Minister of Australia thinks they got it wrong

For me, no matter how I look at this

It’s just not funny



** note – Dad’s a patron of the REAL Make A Wish Foundation in Western Australia (an amazing organisation)

So maybe that’s why I find this extra offensive






  1. No, not one bit funny – fucking wankers have overstepped the mark this time. One day they’ll learn that comedy is situational – some of this may work in the Comedy Club but not in our lounge rooms and NOT with using real HEALTHY kids. Wonder if their parents knew what they would be involved in, or if they are so desperate to get their little darlings on TV that they’ll agree to anything.

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