keeping warm

what does this look like to you?

Whatever your guess was, I bet it was something gross

It is pretty hideous looking isn’t it?

I can’t think of anything nice this might actually be

Even though this is what it really is

I know, it looks like something left over from an Italian’s bikini wax

It’s actually the ‘blanket’ on the bed in my hotel room


A really lovely room – comfy bed and all that

But I’d rather freeze my tits off turn the heat up than wrap myself in this

All shades of fucking wrong right there people…

One comment

  1. THAT may explain the pube on the oldies toilet if they had one too! I have one of these (only hairier and more STERILE) on the back of my lounge…affectionately called “The Yak” or “BIGFOOT Skin”!

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