hairdressing husband


When I’m away on tour my husband tries his best to be dad and mum

I have to tell you – he does an incredible job

I’m not just saying that to kiss his arse because he reads this

All of my girlfriends are always telling me he’s an amazing dad

And I’m  always very quick say get fucked he’s mine I know


The one thing he has always had trouble with when I’m away is doing their hair

Miss 5 & Miss 3 have become a total pain in the arse very ‘girly’ when it comes to how they want their hair done each day.

Their Daddy always tried his best, but it still ends up looking like they’ve been sucked thru a vacuum cleaner backwards a bit of a mess

Well I’m happy to report that today – he’s got it sussed

Check this out

Pretty bloody impressive I reckon


He’s very proud of himself and now believess he’s ready to challenge me for the Mother Of The Year title


I told him to get his head out of his arse not get too cocky just yet


Until he can do this






And especially this



Until then I think my job is safe for a while




**note – neither the above tit or baby belong to me


  1. Nope, way too small to be yours – both the baby and the tit! Are you sure you weren’t a hairdresser in a past life though? If you can do hair like that you could have spent your life playing around and talking shit all day. Oh sorry, that’s what you do now! xx

  2. Hubby did a great job! Are you moonlighting as a hairdresser? You do good braid…such creative expression! Whodda’ thought?

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