So I’m sitting in the bathroom of my motel room the other day and I overheard a conversation outside my room from two of the housekeepers



lady 1: Did you go to the Kevin Bloody Wilson show last night?

lady 2: Yeah – did you?

lady 1: Yeah I was there. I didn’t see you

lady 2: We were late. We walked in while that girl was on stage


‘Bout then my ears perk up

I’m thinking that I’m ‘that’ girl they’re talking about


lady 1: She was funny


Why thank you lady 1


lady 2: Yeah I’d never heard of her before. Is she really his daughter?

lady 1: Yeah she is

lady 2: How do you know?
lady 1: I googled her when I saw her name on the ticket


Wow – I’ve been googled


lady 1: She’s on youtube and everything

lady 2: I’ll have to check it out. She was pretty funny


I’m thinking I might go out and say hi to these lovely ladies when I’m done in here


lady 1: She’s waaay smaller on the internet

lady 2: Really”

lady 1: Yeah I think she must be pregnant or something now



Fuck you very much ladies


Fuck you very much

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