and we’re off

The New Zealand Tour has officially started

Using a big ugly bright red suitcase on this trip

Let’s see how the fuckers airlines go about losing this eyesore little number

Long flight – to LA first then 13 hours to Auckland

I decided to utilize the time wisely by writing some new songs watching 3 movies and seeing how many twizzlers and m&m’s I could demolish snacking the entire flight!

Movie 1:

Didn’t completely suck. Went through some tissues though. Mum & Dad’s dog SKOOTA died recently too so this one had me bawling!

Woops – did I just fuck up the ending for you?

Tee hee!

Movie 2:

Funny in parts – but I had a hard time with Jim Carrey’s face.

Not sure if he’s had really average plastic surgery work done – but his teeth don’t seem to fit him right anymore.

Take it from a girl who’s smile looks like a baby grand piano with the lid up. 

I know teeth – and his are fucked up looking different

Movie 3:

Wow – this is a nice little uplifting story

For those of you who are suicidal and will soon die from internal bleeding

Shit – there I go again

Fucking up the ending for you

And that gives me joy



What does that say about me?



Don’t answer that.

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