tiny dancer

This is Miss 3 limbering up for her dance class

It’s serious shit you know

They have a recital coming up next month and the parents were given a hand out after class today with all the info

Good news: the tickets are free this time. 

That’s is good ’cause I’m still waiting for a refund from her big sister’s recital 2 years ago. The tickets were only $12 but that wasn’t the point.

Those kids sucked!

I have my lawyers working on it and I WILL get my money back

And the bad news: seating is based on a first come, first served basis.

So that means all the parents will show up days before the recital with their sleeping bags & lawn chairs – geared up to ‘camp out’ so they get front row seats

You know – ’cause you’d hate to miss your 3 year old stomping around the stage like an elephant gracefully making their stage debut for what will no doubt be a long and successful career as a pole dancer  the principal in the New York City Ballet

I’m sooo getting there early so I don’t miss out on any ‘Jerry Springer’ moments

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  1. Don’t fret too much if you’re late…she’s only 3…There will be PLENTY of “Jerry Springer Moments” for years to come!

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