playing dressup

I remember going to birthday parties as a kid

Nothing fancy

Food – pass the parcel – maybe even some good ol’ pin the tail on the donkey  

(now that reminds me of my bachelorette party when we played pin the ‘penis’ on the stripper)                                      

But I digress…

Now parties can get pretty fancy and definitely a lot cooler than our simple stuff from ‘the olden days’

Miss 5 was invited to a birthday party for ‘girls only’ to play dress up

They met at a house that’s every little girls dream

Hundred of sparkly dresses, shoes, hats, bags, tiaras and so much more

Nothing’s off limits – they get to pick out whatever outfit they want, with all the accessories they can handle. 

Then they pick a ‘stage’ name and put on a fashion show

Can you guess which one is mine?

You’re not going believe it – but she’s actually the tall one

Although her outfit – a cross between a 60’s love child and a tranny may have given her away

She chose the stage name ‘Destiny’



Looks like my baby girl’s going to be working in the sex industry


  1. I guessed the tall one! TRUE! NOT because she’s tall! There’s just something about the outfit! I’d wear it, if it fit! Hell, I’d wear anything in THAT SIZE!!!

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