lessons learned


I think the question I’ve been asked the most in my life would have to be

How does it feel to always be the hottest chick in the room?

What was it like having Kevin Bloody Wilson as  a Dad?

As you can imagine – one blog alone could never answer this


I’m sure there’ll be loads of references to growing up with Dad as I continue to blog here


For today:

Imagine that your Dad found your stash of electric spinach cannibas in your bathroom drawer and confiscated it

Then imagine how pissed of you’d be if, 5 minutes later,  you followed a suspicious smell upstairs, only to find smoke coming out from under your Dad’s office door


Living with Kev, lesson one:

Hide your shit better



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  1. At least he didn’t take your car keys, sift through your drawers and OMG…FLUSH IT while you watch!!! Oh yes, and give you that “Look of disappointment” for a few years!

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