you say it’s your birthday…

it’s my birthday too yeah…

And it was

On Friday

Had a very cool day

Got spoilt by  my husband and kids

As always – my favourite gifts were the homemade ones

Hand made cards and painted pottery – I would have my whole house decorated with this stuff from the kids if I had enough of it. I know it’s not the trendiest look but I don’t give a shit that’s OK.

One day they’ll be grown and the only thing they’ll make for me might be their beds!

I love the stage they’re at right now – scared of me cute – you know?

We went to the movies – Monster’s & Aliens. It was a pretty good movie – ’cause sometimes kids movies can suck arse be a bit average

That was jsut the beginning of my day

I’ll give the rest of the day it’s own blog


‘Cause that’s the kinda chick I am


PS – Miss 5 spells as well as I do – it’s sho sho funny!

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  1. Awww! Aren’t girls just grand? I have boys…I got rocks and petrified dead things! I still have the rocks! HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY, Jenster! Sorry I missed it…I had to…ummm…

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