Bust was flat and had no boobs

Waitin’ for a trainer … bra

My girlfriends all had knockers before me

I tried pills and potions and Wonder Bra’s

Just to pad me up

Wishin’ I could look like Pamela Lee

One day near my sixteenth birthday

I stood before the mirror

Lookin ‘ for the change I’d hope to find

I stopped and stared in disbelief

Could this be really me I see

With the biggest set of jugs you’d ever seen

Freedom’s just another word for swingin’ in the breeze

In an old t-shirt and faded pair of jeans

Feelin’ good is easy with a pair of Double D’s

How’d ya like have a set like these

Good enough for me and Pamela Lee

From  the Goldmines of Kalgoorlie

To the Queensland Gold Coast sun

As a meter maid I really made my mark

I caused whiplash, tail backs, traffic jams

Everywhere I went

Yobbo’s cruisin’, tryin’ to park their cars

Then one day crossing an intersection

I dropped my bag of coins

I bent over to pick ’em up off the street

My bra strap broke my tits fell out

Through screechin ‘ tyres ‘n’ whistles ‘n’ shouts I caused

The biggest prang Australia had ever seen


I call ‘em me funbags I can ‘em me friends

The best bait you can use when you’re trawlin for men

Me and these are just like Pamela Lee’s

Norks, bazookers, boobs, gazonkers

Boulders, melons, hooters, honkers

Me and these are just like Pamela Lee’s



  1. Best belly laugh I’ve had in a long while. Well done that girl, keep it up. Love as ever. Ianto.cheers

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