stay classy, cardiff!

I should probably prefix this post by saying, I love Cardiff
I always have
The people, the city, the history, the shopping
I really do love everything about it
Except that the women seem to be a lot prettier here that other places
So that right there would stop me ever moving here
(As Cardiff breathes a sigh of relief)

Our hotel was in the city
With 3 Starbucks within a block
Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant just up the road – where we went for dinner on our night off
And again today for lunch, because oh-my-fucking-God, the SALMON!

Then to top it all off
We had our biggest crowd ever at tonight’s show here 
Rhianna & Elma, with their homemade shirts.

And Martin
Who, three years ago, when we were last here, told me he was an avid reader of the blog
So I posted a pic we had taken that night

And thought fuck it, I’ll post tonight’s pic too!

Then these lovely, cute young girls asked for a pic

Which reminds me, I really need to learn how to make me look skinnier and them look uglier use photoshop

Cardiff….I’ll be back!!