poppy, they’ve got your number

Scene: 20,000+ people at an outdoor music festival...and we've lost Dad...for the fourth time in 2 hours.

Me: Have you seen Dad? 

Mum: Jesus, has he gone walkabout again? 

Me: I’ve called his phone 3 times….no answer

Magoo: to FIND Poppy, you have to think like Poppy

Is that so little grasshopper?

Macaroni: Let's go search at the icecream stand

Magoo: Yeah, that's where we'll find him! Especially if there's an ice-cream shop that sells beer.

too long for twitter…

Just finished doing Magoo’s homework with her.
I can handle the Kindergarten homework she brings home. But Macaroni’s 2nd grade stuff? I leave that to Diamond.
Today Magoo had to find rhyming words.
I’d say the word, she give me word that rhymed with it, then use it in a sentence.

Me: fox
Magoo: LOX. I want to cut my hair and give it to LOX of love for the sick kids

Me: dot
Magoo: BOT. I have a ro-BOT, that I went to the store and BOT with my pocket money

Me: pet
Magoo: SHET. I was driving my car and an old lady got in my way and I said HOLY SHET!

God, I love that kid.