hit pic, january 16, twenty thirteen

Macaroni stayed home from school yesterday
There’s a shocker of a flu going ’round at the moment, and when she woke up with a temperature, we were like, awwww shit, back to bed for you kiddo
She was fine throughout the day
She read three books. So to her, yesterday was like Christmas.
I get to stay in my pajamas and read all day? I LOVE BEING SICK!
Magoo wasn’t quite as pleased

Macaroni’s temperature eventually went away
We joked that she used to get a high temp when she was a baby and teething, so maybe that’s what was wrong with her
Not 10 minutes later she came down with two bomber teeth that had come out. They’d been loose for a while and with some *help*, they’d just ‘popped’ right out
And judging by the mouth full of wobbly-ness she had when she left for school today
It’s safe to assume she’ll probably lose another one (or two) tonight
So this begs the question, can you BE teething when you’re nine years old?

And more importantly, can someone please point the tooth fairy in the direction of the nearest ATM?

classy crackers

I’m totally cheating with Christmas crafts this year
Some people bake. I’m lucky  enough to have some mates that do, then drive around delivering the cookies they made, to non-bakers like me.
Then I do my bit by eating them
It’s a team effort.
I do like crafts though
The girls and I try a different one every year
This year I cheated like a mofo and grabbed some ‘pre-made’ craft kits
And by pre-made, I mean it’s the slacker’s way to be Martha Stewart.
I must have fore-seen my pre-Christmas disorganisation when I bought them

It’s still fun to do
These ones didn’t turn out too realistic though

Um. hello? I have my legs crossed

We have crackers on our table every year for Christmas.
This year, I grabbed these great ‘make your own’ kits from Marks & Spencer when I was in the UK
You add your own gifts to each one
Then label it to who you think should have that particular gift
Awesome, no?

Bet my mother-in-law LURVES her new teeth.

faboosh in shrewsbury

We get asked a lot if we ever get sick of smiling
I’m not sure that’s possible
Most of the time we don’t realise we are

And then, when you show up to a great town like Shrewsbury
With a packed theatre FULL of smiley faces
Every single one of them have turned up to have a good time. And hopefully laugh their arses off.
You’re always going to smile right back, aren’t you?

You can’t help but  be happy when you get to see this every night
It will never get old
It will always be fucking awesome 
And for that, we thank you!

Also, I’m really glad no one was injured in the *bomb blast before the show

*thanks to my mate Rob, the funny bastard, for the video