whoops in worthing!

I have played in Worthing more times than I can remember
An amazing, historical theatre, right on the water
Big, beautiful backstage rooms
And a wide, perfect stage – where the audience is really close.
A perfect comedy room

You’d think after all these times here I would remember that the stage is split level

See that white line across the stage there behind Dad?

That’s there to remind performers that there’s a drop, so you know, watch your step ‘n all that.

Or don’t

I wish I had a photo of the bloke’s face in the front row
When I came tearing out on stage for my first song tonight
Forgot about the step
Went FLYING at him, nearly going arse over tit
And stopping myself JUST before falling off the front of the stage into his lap

More than a few people said at intermission,  “….geez Jenny, that was a funny move you do when you start the show. It really looked like you were going to fall. Totally hilarious, it was”

I’m like, “…yeah, I totally MEANT to do that and twist my fucking ankle