it’s wine o’clock….for the next 7 days

Backsage in Port Pirie after the final show of the South Australian tour

It’s flown by

But isn’t that what they say about having fun and time flying…or something like that?

I have a week off now in WA

With my girlfriends coming in from all over the state to catch up

And possibly a birthday thrown in there somewhere

Can you smell that?

Yep…that, my friends, is what TROUBLE smells like!

get your daily fruit & veg

Last night’s show in Modbury was a balltearer

Packed to the rafters, going nuts, screaming every word, to every song

Absolute maniacs

And that was just me & Dad

Gaz presented Dad a ‘special’ gift

A potato

For anyone familiar with Dad’s songs – it was in reference to “Potato Down Your Bathers”

…stick a potato down your bathers

that’ll get ’em in…

Not sure how long it took Gaz to find this ‘particular’ veggie

But dude, it sure did look the part

If I saw spud shaped like that when I did the food shopping

You can bet your arse I wouldn’t be buying cucumbers