big girls

The girls started school yesterday

Macaroni’s in 3rd grade now….and will probably be taller than me before the year’s over
Magoo started 1st grade, so I guess that’s my cue to stop wearing maternity clothes.
Macaroni was all excited to see her friends again after a long summer.
Magoo was a little anxious about being gone all day (as opposed to half day last year) She was worried I’d miss her and be sad.
She is right.
But what she wasn’t worried about, was the other kids.
She said everyone would be super nice to her once they saw her mouth

And she’s tell them her nickname is ‘Bruiser’

hit pic, macaroni style

Macaroni just won an art competition (for the 2nd time) for her drawings

She’s pretty great at it

I love that she sees rewards for doing something she loves to do so much

She writes incredible stories and then adds cartoon illustrations to them

This is a new one she was working on when we Skyped today

A family portrait

How awesome is it?

And not just because she draws me skinny