hit pic, december second, twenty twelve

Every year, we take the kids and Fluffy
And go to a photo studio to get Christmas portraits done
We get all gussied up
Scrub off a bit of the hillbilly
New outfits ‘n shoes
We brush our hair and everything!
But this year, with me just getting back from tour
And Diamond getting ANOTHER fucking dog while I was gone (you can read about her here – and yes, I’ll probably write about her again soon. Just wanted to wait to see if Fluffy ate her or not….you know, didn’t want to waste my time ‘n all that)
We decided, it would be easier (read; dude, fuck going to the mall with kids and 2 dogs on a Sunday in December. Yeah…nah.) to take the pics ourselves
At home
In our new ugly  Christmas sweaters….thank you Primark (note: I thought they were adorable, but I was outnumbered by my daughters, who ASSURED me, they were the perfect attire for a family-ugly-Christmas-sweater-photo. So there you go.)
I had my big girl camera
And the timer-picture-taker-thingy that google had given me a degree in operating….so we could all be in the shot at the same time
We were set.

And then….. 

Proving that you get what you pay for

PS – Diamond is ‘slightly’ out of shot
Trying to catch Fluffy as he ran outside
With Eva in his mouth

‘Tis the season!

what good is a cherry ripe I can’t eat

Macaroni woke up Christmas morning to find a much-much-MUCH-wished for, salt water aquarium in the living room

I have no idea how Santa got this mammoth thing into our house

But I do know Diamond has put his back out and owes his Dad more than a few beers

This thing is like a happening little ecosystem, with new things popping up and growing from the live rock every day


Macaroni’s first order of business was to name all the inhabitants of the tank

According to the accompanying letter from Santa, she had 2 clown fish from Australia, a fire fish, cleaner shrimp, 2 really fast yellow ones and a very cool little purple long one that I can’t remember what they were called comes out very rarely – a dozen little crabs and some snails

She settled on Sara & Lara, for the yellow ones. Angel for the angel fish. Dancer for the shy one, Herbert for the shrimp.

And the 2 from Australia? Boomerang and Cherry Ripe

I’m not big on fish and the bucketload of work that goes into maintaining a saltwater tank – but Diamond is the man. Having wanted a saltwater tank since we first moved into our house, he’s a very happy boy

He and Macaroni have spent the last few days reading their ‘how to’ books on saltwater fish and visiting the local aquarium shops to get all the bits and bobs they need

Meanwhile I have been playing and hanging out with Magoo and her new Hamster

Like fuck I have